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CBD and CBN: enhance sensitivity, lubrication, relaxation and pleasure.

CBD and CBN and part of a group of chemicals called cannabinoids.  Our body is designed to use these chemicals through an intricate system called the endocannabinoid system.  Receptors of this system are scattered all over the body, including the brain and reproductive system.

One of the many cannabinoids is CBD, or cannabidiol. it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. By itself it does not cause a "high." CBN, or cannibinol,  is considered a minor cannabinoid. It is produced when THC ages, although it does not contain THC. 

Sensate Intimate pleasure oil  combines high amounts of CBD and CBN along with aphrodisiac herbs and essential oils.

Our potent formula contains 75 mg CBD and 2.5 mg CBN per 1 ml 

CBD has beneficial effects on many parts of the body.  It has been widely used to ease the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, and many skin conditions. We like to use it  along with CBN to enhance libido. 

Research suggests CBD products may improve libido by reducing anxiety. Some people experience anxiety about sexual performance, which decreases their libido. Relieve anxiety, and the desire for sex may go up. CBD also has direct effects on the brain, although this mechanism has not been widely studied.

CBD is also commonly used for skin conditions and inflammation. It may help women with vaginal dryness, pain and irritation from menopause, childbirth, stress and other medical conditions. It also can increase blood flow to the genitals.

CBN also has beneficial effects on the body. It is commonly found to  have antibacterial properties, is neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory. It is also commonly used for relaxation. 

CBD oil with CBN  applied directly to the genital area can help relieve anxiety and promote comfortable intercourse. Along with Hemp oil as a carrier, it lubricates, increases blood flow and relieves dryness.  When sensations are enhanced  orgasms  become easier and more satisfying, which leads to better sex and deeper intimacy.

Take your pleasure to a new level. 



"I love this oil!  It feels good, smells good, and has given a nice boost to our love life!" A.S.


"I recently had the opportunity to try this rather amazing oil. As well as being very pleasant to taste-this luxurious oil is very stimulating romantically and brings a new level of warmth to intimate interactions. It does not take much of the product to take effect and the results are very worthwhile and satisfying. It feels very pleasurable on the skin and is suitable for sensitive areas. The application of the oil is a surefire way to get that enthralled feeling." P.D.