Maca: A Powerful Aphrodisiac?

Maca: A Powerful Aphrodisiac?

Heard about Maca? What to find out why it has been called the "might food of the gods"? Intrigued to see why it's in our products? Find the answers to all the secrets here. Simply it's a powerful herbs to boost your libido and reduce stress. 

Maca is a South America root used for 2000 years. The indigenous people of Peru began using Maca themselves after they saw the positive effect that it had on their livestock, in terms of energy and especially fertility.

In humans, it has been used for centuries to ease menopausal discomfort, increase fertility, and for sexual healing. It has no impact on hormone levels, but studies have shown improvement in depressive symptoms and hot flashes in menopausal women as well as increasing energy, decreasing anxiety and boosting sex drive.

During the Spanish conquest of America both the indigenous and Spanish soldiers used high dosages of Maca to prepare themselves for battle. One chronicle relates that Maca was banned for use by some Spanish soldiers after battle because it heightened their libido too much.

No wonder Maca has been called the "mighty food of the gods."  





Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic medicinal herb used by the people of the Indian subcontinent for more than 3,000 years. The health benefits of Ashwagandha come from its adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing properties.

Ashwagandha is considered an aphrodisiac, or herb used to improve sexual desire, pleasure, performance and libido.

By activating the production of nitric oxide and increasing the blood flow to the genitals, this powerful herb acts as a sexual stimulant. It also may play a role in increasing androgens (testosterone) in women.

Ashwagandha is also an adaptogenic herb used to improve an individual's resistance towards stress by reducing cortisol levels.

Reducing stress and boosting libido makes ashwagandha the adaptogenic super-hero to energize your sex life.



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