Frequently Asked Questions

How much Rejuvenate should I use?

Start with 2-3 pumps daily (0.5ml) daily. 

You may increase the amount as needed. You should feel some immediate relief, but, depending on the extent of your symptoms, it may take up to 6 weeks or more for full improvement.  If you do not see improvement in about a month, try using 4-6 pumps daily. 

When you start to feel improvement, you can decrease application to 4-5 days per week.  If you discontinue use, you will return to your baseline symptoms.


Where do I apply it?

Apply Rejuvenate with your fingers or tissue to the external vaginal area from the clitoris, along the labia to the perineum. It is not indicated to use vaginally. 

Relax and enjoy the warming sensation as Rejuvenate begins to work. This should last only a short while. (1-2 minutes) If it lasts longer, you can try using less next time. (Discontinue use if the sensation lasts over 20 minutes.)

Rejuvenate will absorb in 20-30 minutes. Wash hands after application.

Like any new product, it is best to try Rejuvenate on your inner arm for 24-48 hours first, to test for any reactions. 

When should I apply it?

Apply any time of day convenient for you. It is especially helpful to use before intercourse--best about 15 minutes before.  It can help with orgasms and overall sensitivity. It will not affect your partner.

It is not a contraceptive, and is oil based. Not to be used with latex condoms.

What is DHEA and how much DHEA is in Rejuvenate?

DHEA is a natural hormone secreted by the adrenal glands.  It is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone.

As we age, levels of DHEA decrease. DHEA works in many areas of the body: skin, muscle, brain, heart, bones and genitals in both men and women. Many people take it an oral supplement for energy, vitality and libido.

Many scientific studies show DHEA remains primarily local when used vaginally. Rejuvenate contains 10 mg DHEA per ml.  (Approximately 6 pumps equal 1 ml.) You may take your oral DHEA supplement while you use this product.



Does it contain harmful chemicals?

Rejuvenate does not contain any harmful or endocrine disrupting chemicals. It is gluten free, fragrance free. All the ingredients check out in the "safe" range on the Environment Working Group's website:


(This website is a great place to check the safety of all the ingredients in products you use daily.)

What about breast cancer?

If you have breast cancer we recommend consulting with your doctor before using Rejuvenate. It cannot be used while taking Tamoxifen, as the DHEA may reduce its effectiveness.  The effectiveness of Femara/letrazole, however, is not affected by DHEA. Talk to your oncologist about your vaginal symptoms.

What about PCOS? 

Women with PCOS should not use Rejuvenate, as they already have high levels of DHEA in their blood.

More Questions?

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